Interviews/Guest Blogs

The Unicorn Writer

July 17th, 2021

The Unicorn Writer interviews Kristiana about her hobbies (hello Bookstagram and Beanie Babies!), the release of her second book Legend of the Rainbow Eater, and Kristiana's special talents, which include a killer Gollum impression!

Nerdy Book Club

October 31st, 2020

Kristiana explores terrifically terrifying titles and how best to enjoy them in her guest post "Top Ten Tips for Reading Scary Stories"!

Wishful Endings

October 9th, 2020

Wishful Endings hosts a wonderful author interview in which Kristiana discusses what she loves most about her characters, what her favorite part of Legend of the Storm Sneezer is, and what her go-to genres are for reading.

Vicky Sluiter

October 5th, 2020

Kristiana chats with fellow Michigan author Vicky Sluiter about fiction writing, whether or not Rose Skylar's name was influenced by a certain Doctor Who companion, and funniest typos (hint: it has to do with pirates!).

Stephanie Burgis

July 17th, 2020

In this guest blog post "What Encouragement Means to Writers," Kristiana talks about the importance of encouragement in your writing community and the first time she met one of her favorite authors, Stephanie Burgis!

Unicorn Quester

June 11th, 2020

Kristiana and author/ professional fangirl Laura A. Grace discuss Legend of the Storm Sneezer , tutus, haunted bookmobiles, and a colonial werewolf girl in this interview!

Tales of Fascination

June 6th, 2020

The main characters of Legend of the Storm Sneezer crash this hilarious interview between Kristiana and fantasy author Jim Doran.

Middle Grade Ninja

May 28th, 2020

In this guest blog post "I Never Went to School in My Pajamas," Kristiana shares about her experience being homeschooled and how it shaped her career as an author at a young age.

Alyssa Roat

May 28th, 2020

Kristiana and literary agent Alyssa Roat discuss Legend of the Storm Sneezer, writing processes, and the strangest thing Kristiana has ever done for her writing (hint: it has to do with a button and an almost-trip to the ER) in this hysterical interview!

A (Hope)ful Blog

May 23rd, 2020

Kristiana and her amazing agent Hope Bolinger chat Legend of the Storm Sneezer, favorite characters, favorite scenes, and writing challenges in this interview!

Christina Dwivedi

May 21st, 2020

Kristiana talks with MG writer Christina Dwivedi about Legend of the Storm Sneezer, inspiration, what made Kristiana want to write middle grade fiction, and advice for author-hopefuls in this interview!

The Mitten

May 14th, 2020

Kristiana shares with the SCBWI Michigan chapter about Legend of the Storm Sneezer, how Michigan has influenced her stories, and what Kristiana hopes readers will take away from her book.