Passion Behind Work:

Growing up with a severe undiagnosed medical condition, most of Kristiana’s childhood was taken up with ER, hospital, and doctor visits, medical testing, anxiety, and worry. During these painful experiences, she acquired a vibrant sense of humor and writing became her escape. In time, escapism took a backseat, and her writing evolved into a way of processing the lessons she was learning. She began The Stormwatch Diaries. Most people think of storms as representing evil, but through faith in her own Author, Jesus, Kristiana turned this symbolism on its head, demonstrating through her stories and characters how bad things can be used for your good. She wants to reach out to readers who are going through any kind of struggle and give them hope.

The Curse of the Paralyzed Stomach:

Kristiana has a condition called gastroparesis, a.k.a. The Curse of the Paralyzed Stomach, a unique — and uniquely challenging — digestive disorder. Legend has it that a great evil cursed her at birth in order to prevent her writing career, not realizing the symptoms that would often keep her homebound would also bind her to a writing desk. Days on the couch would become days in her imagination. And a diet of liquid and baby food would whet her mind’s appetite for so much more.

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Kristiana Y. Sfirlea

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