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About the Author

Kristiana Sfirlea is the #1 bestselling, award-winning author of The Stormwatch Diaries, a fantasy series for kids and teens. Legend of the Storm Sneezer and its sequels are known and loved for their cute, quirky, creepy goodness—Kristiana's trademarks.

Like her popular characters Rose and Marek, Kristiana has faced some scary things in her life; not ghosts and monsters but a severe health condition that almost killed her—along with her dreams of becoming an author. But like her characters, she is learning to face her fears one page at a time with faith, laughter, and bravery. She hopes her stories, both personal and fictional, inspire others to do the same.

A youth leader and inspirational speaker in her community, Kristiana is passionate about encouraging young people. She loves Jesus, her family, laughing too hard at her own jokes, and imaginary life with her characters.

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Kristiana's novels have been celebrated on the international level by the esteemed Readers' Favorite Book Awards. Legend of the Storm Sneezer won gold in the Children - Mystery category in 2021, while its sequel Legend of the Rainbow Eater, was awarded the Honorary Mention in the same category in 2022. Furthermore, Legend of the Storm Sneezer was a finalist of the world-wide Wishing Shelf Awards in 2020. Kristiana's writings have also received high praise from the Christian literary community. Legend of the Storm Sneezer was a two-time 2021 finalist in the popular Realm Awards, which recognize excellence in speculative fiction by Christian authors. Her short story "After Happily Ever" won first place in 2022.

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(Kristiana with news anchor Glenda Lewis)

From Trial to Triumph:

Kristiana's Story

Middle school. A severe health problem. Dreams of being an author. And now, a gold medal. What brought Kristiana to where she is today—and how is she using her story to inspire others?


Watch Kristiana's sensational news feature with five-time Emmy award-winning news anchor Glenda Lewis of Detroit's Channel 7 Action News!

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The Curse of the

Paralyzed Stomach

Kristiana has a rare and serious condition called gastroparesis, AKA The Curse of the Paralyzed Stomach, a unique—and uniquely challenging—digestive disease. The muscles of her stomach do not function, making it nearly impossible to digest food and causing a multitude of life-altering and life-threatening symptoms.

Like most writers of the fantastical, Kristiana dreamed of getting her own set of superpowers —and in 2020, her dream came true. She now has a very unusual ability: she can eat through her arm! Kristiana is on a type of tube nutrition called TPN (Total Parenteral Nutrition), which bypasses her faulty digestive system by pumping all the nutrients she needs into her bloodstream through a tube in her arm. How's that for a superpower? And with it comes her trusty medical backpack on which to show off her nerdy button collection.


Legend has it that a great evil cursed Kristiana at birth in order to prevent her writing career, not realizing the symptoms that would often keep her homebound would also bind her to a writing desk. Days on the couch would become days in her imagination. And a diet of tube-fed nutrition would whet her mind’s appetite for so much more.

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