About the Author:

Kristiana Sfirlea is a writer of MG fantasy involving time travel and things that go bump in the night. Her debut novel LEGEND OF THE STORM SNEEZER received the 5-star seal from Readers' Favorite and released May 5th, 2020 from Monster Ivy Publishing. She is represented by Hope Bolinger and Cyle Young of C.Y.L.E.

As an author, Kristiana knows what it means to get in character. She spent five years volunteering as a historical reenactor and trying her best not to catch her skirts on fire as a colonial girl from the 1700s (leading cause of death at the time next to childbirth). Working at a haunted house attraction, she played a jumping werewolf statue, a goblin in a two-way mirror, and a wall-scratcher — so if she’s standing very still, growling, checking her reflection, or filing her nails on your wall, be alarmed. Those are hard habits to break.

A proud homeschool graduate, Kristiana credits much of her development as a writer to her schooling experience, which also helped her combat a learning disability, dyslexia, and clear the path for her love of reading. Inspired by a local oddity, the Sweetreads Bookmobile, Kristiana dreams of the day she can run her own mobile bookstore. Or haunted house attraction. Or both. Look out, world — here comes a haunted bookmobile! (And this is precisely why writers should never become Uber drivers.) She loves Jesus, her family, and imaginary life with her characters.

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Kristiana Y. Sfirlea

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