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Introducing Book Two of The Stormwatch Diaries,

 award-winning Legend of the Rainbow Eater!

Sometimes the end of the the belly of the beast.


When the Blackouts' search for the legendary Wishing Mist leads them to a maple syrup festival in the town of Mapleton, sticky situations abound. Bodies are going missing from the local funeral parlor, hellhound gypsies prowl the woods, giant, automaton teddy bears may or may not be staging a hostile takeover, and there's a whopping good chance that will-o'-the-wisps, the magical inhabitants of the Wishing Mist, are behind it all.

Even with help from their future selves and a time traveling diary, Rose and Marek have their hands full (and not just with ice cream cones from a parlor that services the living as well as the dead). The will-o'-the-wisps were responsible for bringing them together five years ago, and now it looks like the only way to stop their mischief is to find the Wishing Mist and wish it out of existence—will-o'-the-wisps included.

Some thank-you for the greatest friendship in the multiverse, huh?

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An Overview of

Legend of the Rainbow Eater


Genres: Fantasy, time travel, humor, spooky, meta

Themes: Standing up against discrimination, helping others find their place, second chances, forgiveness, wrestling with faith and the future, and the power of true friendship.

Awards and Recognition: Legend of the Rainbow Eater received an Honorable Mention in the Children - Mystery category of the 2022 Readers' Favorite Book Awards (of which Legend of the Storm Sneezer won gold in 2021), an internationally esteemed competition.

Legend of the Rainbow Eater was featured by five-time Emmy award-winning news anchor Glenda Lewis on Detroit's Channel 7 Action News. Watch now!

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Praise for

Legend of the Rainbow Eater

"Kristiana Sfirlea's prose is gorgeous and playful and will whisk any reader away into this unusual and highly original world with good-natured humor sprinkled throughout the story and two wonderful leading characters who lean on the reader as if confiding in a friend. It was so refreshing to read a children's fantasy book that refuses to conform to the ideas and tropes of others in the genre and instead creates a thoroughly unique profile in the market."

 ~ Readers' Favorite

5-star review

"[A]dventure, mystery, suspense, action, danger, friendship, and humor...I wish there were a future me to bring this little me all future books in this series."

~ Belle's Middle Grade Library

"Marvelous in world-building, dialogue, and description, Legend of the Rainbow Eater plops you into a one-of-a-kind adventure you never saw coming."


~ Jim Doran, author of Kingdom Come


"My brain is still processing this wonderfully whimsical story! ...I loved the twists and turns, but most of all I adored the themes of friendships, grace, second chances, and faith. Sfirlea does an excellent job of weaving the lessons into her story beautifully – you learn the themes without realizing you’ve been taught something and that’s talented writing."

~ The Unicorn Writer

"[This] bubbly, time traveling romp continues the adventures of best friends, Rose and Marek, in a unique, almost Dr. Seussical world. Sprinkled with inside jokes and asides, which delightfully break the narrator's 4th wall, the sparkling prose continues on every page. Five stars for this magical mind tickler!"

~ Colette Sewall, author of Kiki MacAdoo and the Graveyard Ballerinas

"As always, Rose and Marek are one of my favorite Middle Grade duos...Legend of the Rainbow Eater is a funny, wild, crazy, and entertaining story of friendship, family, and faith in the impossible."

~ Paper, Ink, & Lizard

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