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Publication Day for "Ghost of the Golf Course"!

It's here! It’s time! My flash fiction “Ghost of the Golf Course” is now available from Havok Publishing. You can read it for free today and TODAY ONLY using this link.

So, how was I inspired to write a story about a grumpy teenage ghost haunting a putt-putt golf course and the intrepid foursome who break in afterhours? It came the way most inspiration comes to me: right smack-dab in the middle of mundane life.

It was a gray day, drizzly and dreary with thick clouds in the sky and mist rising off the ground. I was driving home from a doctor's appointment with my sister. We passed a golf course, empty but choked in milky, swirling vapor. Immediately, I turned to her and said, "Kait, that's a ghost story in the making!"

I thought about it the rest of the day. A misty, ghostly golf course would make a spooky setting, sure, but would it be fun? Would it be funny? Anyone who knows me and my writing knows I can't tell a story without humor. And a regular golf course just wasn't cutting it. But putt-putt golf, land of giant clown mouths and miniature-sized monuments? That I could work with.

Within hours, I had everything I needed: a rule-abiding ghost girl with bad taste in boyfriends, four clueless teens, a family-fun attraction with a blood-spattered history, and a plot twist that still makes me grin. I submitted it for Havok Publishing's "redo" prompt and was absolutely, fist-pumping thrilled when I received the email congratulating me on the acceptance of my story!

Flash fiction is new territory for me as a writer, but I'm loving it. It's a way to see clever ideas to fruition without having to commit to a 75k-word book. That's not to say writing flash fiction is easy. Condensing the fundamentals of a good story (beginning/middle/end, backstory, voice, dialogue, world-building, character development, plot twists) in under 1k words is a challenge like no other, but it's a welcome break when you're neck-deep in crafting a novel. Like running hundred yard dashes vs. running a marathon. And both keep your writing in tiptop shape!

Now you know the story behind "Ghost of the Golf Course"! I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. You never know what a simple drive through the mist might inspire.

(My awesome brother Kaleb and I celebrating my publication by going putt-putt golfing! And we picked red golf balls, an important detail to "Ghost of the Golf Course". 😉)


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