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Bookstores: Fenton's Open Book

Anyone who's skimmed my bio knows about my dream of owning a haunted-house style bookmobile. But how about a haunted bookstore?

Despite what us spooky lovers may wish, Halloween isn't here yet. Nevertheless, I was in for a treat when I visited Fenton's Open Book's filled with ghosts!

And no, the bookstore isn't breaking out their Halloween decor early. These reading wraiths haunt the shop all year round, and their chilling cheer brought a smile to my face and a tingle up my spine.

And what better place to find signed copies of my part-time-ghost-hunting girl's story, Legend of the Storm Sneezer?

But ghosts aren't the only mascot of Fenton's Open Book. As I was perusing the well-stocked shelves, I heard the sound that always makes my heart leap for joy: the pitter patter of puppy feet! The shop's doggie is one of the cutest pups I've ever met. And as if I wasn't already grinning enough, guess what this adorable doggo's name is? Stormy! Yes, to anyone who's read Legend of the Storm Sneezer, you can imagine my reaction. It was the best ever!

Fenton's Open Book will hold an especially special place in my heart because they hosted my first book signing and were the first bookstore to welcome my book on their shelves! You can make a lovely day out of visiting this wonderful shop, getting an ice cream cone at the parlor next door, and walking Fenton's gorgeous downtown. I highly recommend it!

Fenton's Open Book

105 W Shiawassee Ave.

Fenton, MI 48430


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